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Data Visualization x Wiley Humble Bundle: "Pay what you want. Get $989 in books. Support charity!"
Data Visualization x Wiley Humble Bundle: “Pay what you want. Get $989 in books. Support charity!”

I’m honored to support Girls Who Code along with Nathan Yau, Zach Gemignani, and many other great data visualization authors.

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Make insights & analytics take shape

Learn how to give your raw materials form and substance with books like Visual Analytics with TableauData Fluency, and Visualize This from Wiley, filled with expert advice on the tools and techniques you & your organization need. Plus, your purchase helps support Girls Who Code!

Complete list of data visualization books in this humble bundle:

Data Viz Humble Bundle complete list
Data Viz Humble Bundle complete list

UPDATE July 25, 2022: Along with other data visualization book authors, we already raised over $23,000 in donations for Girls Who Code through the Dataviz Humble Bundle:

How to enable Power BI’s Preview Features, such as Azure Maps

Some exciting new features in Power BI are not enabled by default. These functions are so-called preview features whose development or testing is not yet completely finished. For certain use cases, such as creating Skyscraper Maps in Power BI, it may be worthwhile to activate them.

In the following blog posts, we will check out some capabilities of the Azure Maps feature. Therefore, let’s see how you can enable Azure Maps, and other preview features, in Power BI.

1    Click on File in Power BI’s menu bar.

2    Click on Options and settings

3    Click on Options

4  Select Preview Features from the lefthand list.

5          Enable Azure map visual

6          Confirm your changes with the OK button

Power BI might ask you to restart the application in order to change the preview features settings. Now you’re good to go to create your Skyscraper Map with the Azure Maps feature!

Which preview features is Power BI offering?

While the preview features change over time, currently you can enable the following preview features in Power BI:

  • Shape map visual
  • Spanish language support for Q&A
  • Q&A for live connected Analysis Services databases
  • Azure map visual
  • DirectQuery for PBI datasets and AS
  • Modern visual tooltips
  • Power Bl Desktop infrastructure update
  • Web page connector infrastructure
  • Modify visuals settings for mobile layout
  • Sparklines
  • Scorecard visual
  • Field parameters


Visual Tracert: How to use GeoTraceroute to analyze, visualize and embed internet traffic routes

Visual traceroute from Frankfurt to Ukraine shows redirection via Russia
Visual traceroute (aka. tracert) from Frankfurt to Ukraine shows redirection via Russia

Earlier today I read the news from NetBlocks (via Reuters) that since the weekend parts of the Ukrainian internet traffic are rerouted via Russia. To be precise, it’s about Ukrainian Kherson Oblast, which is occupied by Russia since March.

Now I wanted to trace the internet route myself and ideally visualize it. Here I came across the service of GeoTraceroute, which does a great job in visualizing traceroutes (aka. tracert). For the trace, I chose Frankfurt as starting point, and, the local internet provider in Kherson, as the endpoint.

Of course, you can also include the URL of GeoTraceroute as a web element in your Power BI report or Tableau dashboard and parameterize it for dynamic interactions. You can see the format as in my example:

Our Research featured in Der Spiegel: An Overview of Russia’s Cyberattack Activity in Ukraine

Der Spiegel features Microsoft AI for Good Research Lab Ukraine report
Der Spiegel features Microsoft AI for Good Research Lab Ukraine report

Our research was picked up by German news magazine Der Spiegel, one of the largest investigative journals in Europe. We analyzed incredibly large amounts of data to gain insights into Russia’s cyberattacks in Ukraine.

Read the Spiegel article, which in turn has a link to our report: Microsoft zählt bisher 237 Hackerangriffe auf die Ukraine

And here’s a direct link to the underlying report, which was produced by Microsoft’s Digital Security Unit and is based on insights from the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center and data analysis from our Microsoft AI for Good Research Lab: Special Report: Ukraine – An overview of Russia’s cyberattack activity in Ukraine

Datenvisualisierung mit Power BI: Power BI-Buch ab sofort erhältlich

Das deutschsprachige Power BI-Buch ist ab sofort im Handel erhältlich
Das deutschsprachige Power BI-Buch ist ab sofort im Handel erhältlich

Unser Buch “Datenvisualisierung mit Power BI: Der schnelle Einstieg in die Welt von Power BI” ist ab sofort im Handel erhältlich:

Erfahren Sie mehr zu “Datenvisualisierung mit Power BI” auf der Webseite zum Power BI-Buch!

Vielen Dank an meinen Co-Autor Peter Vogel, sowie an Sophia Cullen und Thomas Treml für die Vorworte und natürlich an unsere zahlreichen Reviewer, die uns mit zahlreichen Ideen unterstützt haben.