AI Insights and Inspiration: My Story of Becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice with 30,000 Followers

Screenshot of Alexander Loth's LinkedIn profile, displaying the LinkedIn Top Voice badge, alongside the milestone achievement of 30,000 followers.
My LinkedIn profile, displaying the LinkedIn Top Voice badge, alongside the milestone achievement of 30,000 followers. Thank you very much!

I’m overjoyed to share an exciting milestone in my journey as a digital strategist and data scientist: my LinkedIn account has now reached a milestone of 30,000 followers! This achievement is more than just a number – it symbolizes a thriving community of enthusiasts passionate about data, AI, and digital transformation. The icing on the cake? Being recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice in AI, an accolade that underscores my commitment to this fascinating field.

The surge in followers came on the heels of my inspiring ACM talk on Generative AI—a topic that captivates and challenges the norms of technology and creativity. This talk was more than a presentation of the work of our Microsoft AI For Good Lab; it was an invitation to explore the endless possibilities that AI brings to our world.

Decisively Digital

Decisively Digital

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I cannot express enough gratitude for the overwhelming response to my book 📘 Decisively Digital  (➡️ Amazon). Each page was crafted with the intent to guide, enlighten, and inspire. Your support and feedback have been pivotal in its success.

What makes this journey truly remarkable is you – my followers, peers, and fellow enthusiasts. Our shared passion for data, AI, and digital technology has created a unique and vibrant community. Engaging with you, sharing insights, and learning from your perspectives has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career.

One of the most exciting initiatives has been the #datamustread book club. Witnessing your engagement, the dynamic discussions, and how we are collectively uncovering the potential of data and analytics to shape our world is nothing short of inspiring.

As LinkedIn’s Top Voice in AI, I look forward to continuing our journey of discovery and discussion. Your thoughts, ideas and contributions are the lifeblood of this community. Let’s keep the momentum going and dive deeper into the realms of AI and digital innovation.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. Together, let’s take the road to the next 30,000 followers and beyond, making every step a leap toward a more informed, innovative, and inspired digital world.