The Big Book of Dashboards: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Effective Business Dashboards

The Big Book of Dashboards: Visualizing Your Data Using Real-World Business Scenarios
The Big Book of Dashboards: Visualizing Your Data Using Real-World Business Scenarios

As a data enthusiast, you know that creating an effective dashboard is not just about presenting data, it’s about communicating insights and making data-driven decisions. That’s why I’ve chosen The Big Book of Dashboards (BBoD) for our #datamustread book club. Written by Andy Cotgreave, Steve Wexler, and Jeffrey Shaffer, this book is a comprehensive reference that provides real-world solutions for building effective business dashboards.

Let’s dive into what makes this book so valuable for data enthusiasts.

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Real-world solutions for building effective business dashboards

The BBoD covers dozens of examples that address different industries and departments, such as healthcare, transportation, finance, human resources, marketing, customer service, and sports, among others. It also covers different platforms, including print, desktop, tablet, smartphone, and conference room displays. With this book as your guide, you’ll be able to match great dashboards with real-world business scenarios.

Practical and effective visualization examples in The Big Book of Dashboards

The book is organized based on scenarios and offers practical and effective visualization examples. You’ll find an entire section of the book devoted to addressing many practical and psychological factors you will encounter in your work. The expert authors have combined 30-plus years of hands-on experience helping people in hundreds of organizations build effective visualizations. They bring uncommon empathy to help you, the reader of this book, survive and thrive in the data visualization world.

Tools, guidance, and models to produce great dashboards

The BBoD gives you the tools, guidance, and models you need to produce great dashboards that inform, enlighten, and engage. A well-designed dashboard can point out risks, opportunities, and more, but common challenges and misconceptions can make your dashboard useless at best, and misleading at worst. This book will help you avoid those challenges and produce dashboards that truly make a difference.

Examples of modern, effective designs

What sets The Big Book of Dashboards apart from its peers is that it contains a number of examples of modern, effective designs. The examples are of good visualizations, rather than bad, and this focus means that the reader is exposed to a vast range of quality content, rather than endless examples of what „not to do.“

Order The Big Book of Dashboards Today

Once you’ve read the BBoD, you’ll want to keep it nearby as a guide for your data visualization projects. The book provides 20+ high-quality dashboards based on all kinds of data from different industries, with detailed explanations of why certain chart types, layouts, and colors were used, why they work well, why other choices were not good enough, and what could be changed to make the dashboard even better.

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