Advanced Analytics Training Resources

Day 1: Fundamentals

Focus: what is Advanced Analytics, why do we need it, and how can we create business value

Prep: download and install Tableau Desktop

Slides: Winning in Today’s Data-Centric Economy

Hands-on: Tableau Desktop training exercices

Day 2: Social, Mobile and Cloud

Focus: analysing social media data, collaboration in the cloud, and leveraging mobile devices

Prep: get a Tableau Online account

Day 3: Advanced Analytics at Scale

Focus: infrastructure for big data, data warehouses, Hadoop, appliances

Prep: download Tableau Server 32-bit

Further reading: Data Processing Guide for Big Data

Hands-on: data (csv), sample viz

Day 4: R, Python and D3.js

Focus: algorithmic approaches to analyze vast amounts of time-sensitive and disparate data

Prep: install and integrate R, install and integrate Pyhton

Further reading: Hands-On with R, Python for Data Science, D3 Cookbook

Day 5: enabling a data-driven culture

Focus: what is the best way to create a data-driven culture within your company

Further reading: Components of a Data Strategy

Optional: Hackathon

Get your data: