Celebrating a Milestone: Surpassing 25,000 LinkedIn Followers 🌟

My LinkedIn profile when reaching 25,000 followers. Thank you very much!
My LinkedIn profile when reaching 25,000 followers. Thank you very much!

⭐ Last month marked a significant milestone in my digital journey – I surpassed the remarkable number of 25,000 LinkedIn followers. This achievement is not just a number; it’s a validation of the vibrant, engaged community we’ve built together. ⭐

I am deeply grateful to each one of you – my LinkedIn followers – for making this possible. Your constant engagement and support have been the cornerstone of this journey. It’s your encouragement that drives me to share insights, analytics tutorials, and recommend must-read data books.

I’m thrilled that my content continues to help and inspire the broader 📊 data community on LinkedIn and on Twitter (➡️ @xlth). Feedback from data enthusiasts around the world motivates me to publish 📈 analytics tutorials and introduce 📖 #datamustread books.

A special note of thanks for your overwhelming response to my book, 📘 Decisively Digital  (➡️ Amazon). This 400-page endeavor, a blend of thought leadership and practical insights, was fueled by the motivation and support from my LinkedIn network. Thank you!

Let’s celebrate this milestone – with a LinkedIn post, of course! I invite you to join me in further conversations, to share knowledge, and to continue growing together:

Update: I’ve now surpassed 30,000 followers on LinkedIn and achieved the LinkedIn Top Voices badge! Check out my latest post to see how we got here and what’s next!