Thank you Tableau and farewell!

Farewell to Tableau: A Reflective Goodbye - Alexander Loth with Tableau Data Rockstar t-shirt
Farewell to Tableau: A Reflective Goodbye – Alexander Loth

10 years ago, I started using Tableau.

4 years ago, I started working at Tableau.

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Today is my last day with Tableau.

As I pen down my farewell to Tableau, it’s hard not to look back at the incredible journey that began 10 years ago. I reflect on a decade-long connection that began with using Tableau and culminated in four amazing years as an employee. This journey has shaped my career, leaving me filled with gratitude. Read about my 10-year blogging anniversary here.

These last four years have been the most inspiring of my career, what a ride it has been! It’s been a great opportunity and an amazing experience, joining this unique Seattle start-up as one of the first employees in Tableau’s Frankfurt office. Watching our DACH team grow to 120+ people is far more than I had imagined at the beginning, it is simply amazing!

As for my next phase, I’ll take on a strategist role at a leading cloud & AI company. I am excited to continue creating an impact in the digital age.

I’m very grateful to have worked alongside talented people both in Tableau and in our greater #datafam community — people who are brilliant and freakishly friendly. I am immensely grateful for the guidance of my mentors, Nate Vogel and Andy Cotgreave. Their wisdom and support have been instrumental in my growth at Tableau. I have many lifetime memories and made lots of great friends. I wish all of you at Tableau all the best for your next chapter, joining the Salesforce Ohana.

This farewell to Tableau is filled with gratitude, memories, and excitement for the future. Thank you, Tableau, for the incredible ride. So long, and thank you for everything!

— Alex

Watch my 4-years-in-2-minutes clip here:

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