Newsletter: Data & AI Digest #1

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Hello and welcome to the first issue of Data & AI Digest! We’ve curated an exceptional list of articles that delve into a wide array of topics—from the triumphs of data visualization in public health to the ethical dilemmas surrounding AI-generated images. Are you curious about running Python directly in Excel? We’ve got you covered!

  • [dataviz] The Triumph Over Tobacco: A Public Health Milestone: Explore how a blend of regulation, taxation, and education led to a significant decline in cigarette sales and lung cancer deaths in the U.S. Read more
  • [dataviz] Master the Art of Data Visualization with These Must-Read Books: Whether you’re a novice or a pro, discover five essential books that guide you to data visualization mastery. Read more
  • [analytics] Python Meets Excel: A New Era in Data Analysis: Announcing Python support in Microsoft Excel, enabling data analysis directly within the Excel grid—no separate Python installation needed. Read more
  • [powerbi] Unlock Power BI’s Full Potential with DAX: Discover 20 essential DAX tricks to enhance your Power BI reports, suitable for both beginners and experts. Read more
  • [ethics] Controversy Over ‚SmashOrPassAI‘ Site: A new site that allows users to rate AI-generated women sparks backlash, raising ethical concerns. Read more
  • [public opinion] Rising Concerns Over AI’s Role in Daily Life: A new Pew Research survey reveals growing apprehension among Americans about the role of AI in daily life, with views varying by age and use cases. Read more
  • [privacy] GDPR Complaint Against OpenAI Over ChatGPT: OpenAI faces allegations of GDPR violations regarding its ChatGPT model, as filed by a privacy researcher. Read more
  • [coding] Meet Code Llama: A New Large Language Model for Coding: Meta is introducing Code Llama, a state-of-the-art large language model designed to assist with coding tasks. Read more

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Introducing „Data & AI Digest“: Your Essential AI Newsletter for Weekly Insights on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Data & AI Digest - the AI newsletter (image generated with DALL-E)
Data & AI Digest – the AI newsletter (image generated with DALL-E)

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss the „Data & AI Digest“

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, keeping up with the ever-changing worlds of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be challenging. From breakthroughs in machine learning algorithms to ethical debates surrounding AI, the scope of what you need to know is vast and continuously expanding.

Enter the Data & AI Digest, a weekly newsletter curated to keep you updated on the most pertinent news, articles, and discussions in the realms of data and AI. Whether you are a seasoned professional, a student, or simply an enthusiast, this newsletter is designed with you in mind.

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5 Reasons for Joining a Tableau User Group: Building Community, Skills, and Connections

Joining a Tableau User Group: A fun photo of Tableau #datarockstars
Joining a Tableau User Group: A fun photo of Tableau #datarockstars

Joining a Tableau User Group (TUG) is more than just participating in a community; it’s a pathway to personal and professional growth. In this post, we’ll explore the five compelling reasons for joining a Tableau User Group and how it can enhance your experience with Tableau. From the moment I started using Tableau at CERN (read about my Tableau experience at CERN here), I realized the importance of community in mastering this robust tool.

1. The Value of Joining a Tableau User Group: Community and Collaboration

The Tableau community is one of the biggest differentiators between Tableau and the rest of the market. It’s not just about technology; it’s about ensuring the larger community is successful with it. I was able to start using Tableau at CERN in just three days, thanks to this passionate community. With a simple Google search, you can get answers to your Tableau questions in seconds. This network of users is committed to helping each other succeed.

2. What Happens at a TUG? Learn, Share, and Network

TUGs offer a variety of activities, ranging from customer speakers demonstrating Tableau usage to hands-on training and competitions. You can learn new tips ’n‘ tricks, share your experiences, and network with other Tableau enthusiasts. Whether you’re facing daily Tableau struggles or looking for new insights, TUGs are welcoming platforms for collaboration and learning. Plus, there’s often pizza and beverages to enjoy!

3. Getting Involved: How to Connect with Your Local Tableau User Group

Getting involved in a TUG is easy. Follow @Tableau and @xlth on Twitter, keep an eye on relevant hashtags, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need guidance. You can also become a speaker, sharing your data journey or work experience. Check the Tableau events page or contact your Tableau account manager to find a TUG near you.

4. Bring a Friend and Build Connections

TUGs are not only professional gatherings; they’re social and networking events too. You can bring a friend for support or make new friends easily within the community. Engage in social projects, participate in hashtags like #MakeoverMonday, and discover more events like Data+Women or The Tableau Fringe Festival. The possibilities for connection and collaboration are endless.

5. Embrace the Community Spirit

Don’t hesitate to join the Tableau community. It’s a group of interesting, knowledgeable people all using the same tool and facing the same challenges. There’s much to learn and many people to meet. Join our Tableau User Groups and become a part of this thriving community.

Stay Connected: Follow Me for More Insights

The experiences we’ve shared in the Tableau community have shaped us, and I’m grateful for every connection and collaboration. If you’re interested in diving deeper into data visualization, don’t miss my book, Visual Analytics with Tableau. It’s designed to help you master the art of data visualization with Tableau, no matter your experience level. 📚 Explore „Visual Analytics with Tableau“ (Amazon) and let’s turn data into insights together!

I invite you to join our ongoing conversation about Tableau, data visualization, and more. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn, and let’s continue learning together.