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Tableau Conference 2016
Tableau Conference 2016

Remember blogrolls?

Those lists of other blogs to check out that were all the rage around 2000 or so. Anyway, here is a list of my favorite Tableau blogs I consider worth your time.

Which Blogs Should You Follow?

  • Timo Tautenhahn‘s Timo is a total Tableau enthusiast and has a good mix of interesting thoughts, tutorials, news, and Tableau hacks.
  • Konstantin Greger: Konstantin is a geodata scientist and a data viz geek with interesting postings on lots of topics, and very worthwhile ideas.

Did I miss a blog?

I’m only including blogs here that are reasonably active. There are some interesting niche blogs that never get updated, which I won‘t include here. If you are an active blogger, feel free to drop me a line or send me a tweet.