Handle Your Tasks with These M365 Copilot Prompts

An intricate, steampunk-style robot meticulously writing on paper, symbolizing the seamless integration of AI and human creativity in productivity tasks, perfect for enhancing efficiency with M365 Copilot prompts.
Steampunk robot writing with gears and cogs, representing AI-driven productivity in M365 Copilot prompts.

I’d like to share my favorite M365 Copilot prompts. These prompts help streamline tasks, prioritize work, and stay on top of leads and emails. They’re designed to be versatile for various roles, not just sales.

Task Management and Reporting Prompts

Daily Checklist and Time Management

  1. Create a daily checklist: Generate a daily checklist based on my upcoming meetings and emails, prioritize by impact, and allocate time blocks for focused work.
  2. Identify top tasks: From the daily checklist, identify the top three tasks requiring immediate attention. Suggest the most efficient sequence to tackle them and draft a brief update email summarizing the progress on these tasks.
  3. Task alignment and scheduling: Identify tasks aligned with my role as a [insert title or role description] and schedule them according to my energy levels throughout the day, ensuring high-impact tasks are placed in my peak productivity windows.

Lead Management Copilot Prompts

Open Leads and Actions

  1. Check for open leads: Review my emails and Teams for any open leads.
  2. Pending actions on leads: Examine my emails and Teams for any actions pending, specifically looking for open leads and opportunities with customers.
  3. Create a report on leads: Investigate my SharePoint, emails, and Teams to create a succinct report for the leadership team on my work, achievements, and progress in closing leads, including relevant impact numbers.

Email Management Copilot Prompt

Customer Email Summary

  • Summarize customer emails: Provide a table with any emails received from [time period] from [customer domain] and a summary of each email with any required action items.

These prompts can significantly improve productivity and ensure that you stay organized and proactive in managing your tasks and communications.

If you like these M365 Copilot prompts, check out my tutorial on how to use Copilot in Excel. If you’re interested in learning more about the impact of AI, check out my book Decisively Digital (Amazon). Stay tuned for more updates!

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