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TabPy Tutorial: Integrating Python with Tableau for Advanced Analytics

TabPy allows Tableau to execute Python code on the fly
TabPy allows Tableau to execute Python code on the fly

In 2013 Tableau introduced the R Integration, the ability to call R scripts in calculated fields. This opened up possibilities such as K-means clustering, Random Forest models and sentiment analysis. With the release of Tableau 10.2, we can enjoy a new, fancy addition to this feature: the Python Integration through TabPy, the Tableau Python Server.

Python is a widely used general-purpose programming language, popular among academia and industry alike. It provides a wide variety of statistical and machine learning techniques, and is highly extensible. Together, Python and Tableau is the data science dream team to cover any organization’s data analysis needs.

In this tutorial I’m going to walk you through the installation and connecting Tableau with TabPy. I will also give you an example of calling a Python function from Tableau to calculate correlation coefficients for a trellis chart.

1. Install and start Python and TabPy

Start by clicking on the Clone or download button in the upper right corner of the TabPy repository page, downloading the zip file and extracting it.

TabPy download via GitHub web page

Protip: If you are familar with Git, you can download TabPy directly from the repository:

> git clone git://

TabPy download via Git command line interface

Within the TabPy directory, execute (or setup.bat if you are on Windows). This script downloads and installs Python, TabPy and all necessary dependencies. After completion, TabPy is starting up and listens on port 9004.

2. Connecting Tableau to TabPy

In Tableau 10.2, a connection to TabPy can be added in Help > Settings and Performance > Manage External Service Connection:

Tableau main menu
Tableau main menu

Set port to 9004:

External Service Connection dialogue
External Service Connection dialogue

3. Adding Python code to a Calculated Field

You can invoke Calculated Field functions called SCRIPT_STR, SCRIPT_REAL, SCRIPT_BOOL, and SCRIPT_INT to embed your Python script in Tableau:

Python script within Tableau
Python script within Tableau

4. Use Calculated Field in Tableau

Now you can use your Python calculation as Calculated Field in your Tableau worksheet:

Tableau workbook featuring a Python calculation
Tableau workbook featuring a Python calculation

Feel free to download the Tableau Packaged Workbook (twbx) here.

[Update 3 Jan 2017]: Translated to Japanese by Tomohiro Iwahashi: Tableau + Python 連携 (Tabpy) を使ってみよう!

[Update 30 Mar 2017]: A German translation of this post is published on the official Tableau blog: TabPy Tutorial: Integration von Python mit Tableau für Advanced Analytics

  • Rene Ramirez

    Cool intro. One tip: Set the corr coef calc to compute using “custmer id” otherwise you’ll receive an error and think you’ve installed the tabpy server incorrectly. 😉

  • Alexander Mou

    the workbook is no more downloadable.

  • Thanks for the information. The link is now fixed!

  • Mayank Srivastava

    Honestly this was first attempt on tableau, python and statistics. And i was so happy when i could replicate the same on my version. Thank you so much for the intro. One quick question. correlation coeffecient has been calculated using customer id. why so? What does that mean ?

  • Mayank Srivastava

    And one more thing. What inferences can be drawn from this visualization ? In most of the cases there is a positive co-relation which i believe means that sales and profit would go hand in hand. But in this example I see that the machnes and supplies have a negative co-relation. Does that mean that if the sales increases profit goes down ? Am i sounding stupid ?

  • Bora Beran

    Installation instructions in this blog post are misleading which led to a lot of noise due to many trying and failing with the installation and reporting on Tableau’s TabPy’s GitHub repository or Tableau forums. For correct instructions please refer to Tableau’s official guide on this topic which can be found at

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  • epic explrer

    Hi Alex,

    I have problem installing the tm package even from the console.

    When I try to open your workbook or use the code on my data for sentiment analysis. I get the error tm package is required for sentiment analysis.

    Could you please help.