Visual Tracert: How to use GeoTraceroute to analyze, visualize and embed internet traffic routes

Visual traceroute from Frankfurt to Ukraine shows redirection via Russia
Visual traceroute (aka. tracert) from Frankfurt to Ukraine shows redirection via Russia

Earlier today I read the news from NetBlocks (via Reuters) that since the weekend parts of the Ukrainian internet traffic are rerouted via Russia. To be precise, it’s about Ukrainian Kherson Oblast, which is occupied by Russia since March.

Now I wanted to trace the internet route myself and ideally visualize it. Here I came across the service of GeoTraceroute, which does a great job in visualizing traceroutes (aka. tracert). For the trace, I chose Frankfurt as starting point, and, the local internet provider in Kherson, as the endpoint.

Of course, you can also include the URL of GeoTraceroute as a web element in your Power BI report or Tableau dashboard and parameterize it for dynamic interactions. You can see the format as in my example:

Our Research featured in Der Spiegel: An Overview of Russia’s Cyberattack Activity in Ukraine

Der Spiegel features Microsoft AI for Good Research Lab Ukraine report
Der Spiegel features Microsoft AI for Good Research Lab Ukraine report

Our research was picked up by German news magazine Der Spiegel, one of the largest investigative journals in Europe. We analyzed incredibly large amounts of data to gain insights into Russia’s cyberattacks in Ukraine.

Read the Spiegel article, which in turn has a link to our report: Microsoft zählt bisher 237 Hackerangriffe auf die Ukraine

And here’s a direct link to the underlying report, which was produced by Microsoft’s Digital Security Unit and is based on insights from the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center and data analysis from our Microsoft AI for Good Research Lab: Special Report: Ukraine – An overview of Russia’s cyberattack activity in Ukraine

Thank you fellow Microsofties, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022

❤ My dear fellow Microsofties, I have learned a lot from you and would like to thank you for the great teamwork, it was a lot of fun! This year I was able to achieve an incredible amount thanks to your support and the omnipresent growth mindset at Microsoft.

🔬 We took mixed reality to a new level for our life sciences customers (such as Ottobock), making the world more inclusive and healthier.

📚 As you may know, I love to write. I was able to finish two book projects: for the book Decisively Digital, I interviewed 24 thought leaders on Digital Transformation. We also finished the German-language book Datenvisualisierung mit Power BI.

🎓 I graduated from the Technical Leadership Development Program (TLDP), a sort of mini MBA with next-gen tech focus.

👾 Together with over 40 colleagues, we won an award at Microsoft Global Hackathon, the world’s largest privately-organized hackathon. Patent pending.

🎄 Now it’s really time for some reflective days. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! I’m sure 2022 will be a blast…

Microsoft Global Hackathon 2021 Award Winner

Microsoft Global Hackathon 2021 Award Winner Ceremony

The Microsoft Global Hackathon is the world’s largest private hackathon. This year’s hackathon witnessed participation from 67,633 hackers from 92 countries working on 6,394 projects.

I am very pleased to announce that the project I led during the Microsoft Global Hackathon 2021 was awarded for the Hack for Hybrid Work Executive Challenge. The focus of this challenge was on using data and technology to help make #hybridwork more inclusive, effective, and fun!

Now I’m very excited to see what our hack will look like in the final product and how it will influence a healthy lifestyle. A patent for the project has already been filed. (That would be my very first patent! 🙂 )

In total, 46 hackers across many time zones worked on this project. Congratulations to the great team – I will always value the opportunity to work with you on such a meaningful project:

Datenvisualisierung mit Power BI: Power BI-Buch ab sofort erhältlich

Das deutschsprachige Power BI-Buch ist ab sofort im Handel erhältlich
Das deutschsprachige Power BI-Buch ist ab sofort im Handel erhältlich

Unser Buch “Datenvisualisierung mit Power BI: Der schnelle Einstieg in die Welt von Power BI” ist ab sofort im Handel erhältlich:

Erfahren Sie mehr zu “Datenvisualisierung mit Power BI” auf der Webseite zum Power BI-Buch!

Vielen Dank an meinen Co-Autor Peter Vogel, sowie an Sophia Cullen und Thomas Treml für die Vorworte und natürlich an unsere zahlreichen Reviewer, die uns mit zahlreichen Ideen unterstützt haben.