Tableau Event Resources

Tableau Conference 2016
Tableau Conference 2016

1. Download Tableau Desktop

In Downloads Site section, click to download the appropriate Tableau Desktop installer version (Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, or Mac). If you have a 64-bit Windows computer, you should use the 64-bit version; if you have a 32-bit Windows computer (rare these days) you must use the 32-bit version.

2. Get your free 30 days trial key

Fill the form and receive an email with your personal 30 days activation key.

3. Advanced level: Get a Tableau Online account

Fill the form and receive an email with your Tableau Online account. After your account is activated, you can connect to existing data sources.

4. Advanced level: Use Tableau’s Web Data Connector to add web-based data

Select Web Data Connector (WDC) as new data source and past this URL to fetch weather data:

If you are more interested in crawling social media data from Twitter, this WDC is your friend:

5. Jedi level: Integrate your R scripts with Tableau

R you ready for advanced analytics? Get fancy with this tutorial! And yes, you can estimate the sentiment from your previously fetched tweets.

6. Jedi level: Integrate your Python scripts with Tableau

In love with NumPy? Follow this tutorial and download the attached workbook!

7. Jedi level: Add interactivity to your dashboard

Just like this dashboard that is capable to send tweets:

Predictive Maintenance dashboard showing Rest of Useful Life of elevators: click to open interactive dashboard