Media Kit and Samples

Welcome to the media hub for Alexander Loth! This page is a comprehensive resource for journalists, media representatives, and anyone interested in learning more about my work and contributions in the fields of digital transformation, data science, and artificial intelligence.

Below, you’ll find a curated selection of resources, including high-resolution photos, my latest print coverage, podcast appearances, details about my published books, and an overview of my research work.

📄 Please find my comprehensive bio here: Learn More About Alexander Loth

High-Resolution Photos for Media Use

For your convenience, I’ve compiled a selection of high-resolution photographs suitable for both digital and print media. These images capture various facets of my professional life, from speaking engagements to candid shots at technology conferences. Feel free to use these photos in your articles, blogs, or any other media coverage.

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My Published Books

As an author, I’ve explored various dimensions of digital technology and its impact on society. This section provides an overview of my published books, including bestsellers like „Decisively Digital“ and „Teach Yourself VISUALLY Power BI.“ Each book reflects my commitment to making complex technological concepts accessible to a wider audience.

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Social Media Profiles

I am always open to new collaborations, interviews, and discussions. If you are a journalist, content creator, or event organizer looking to feature my work or invite me for a talk, please feel free to connect and reach out:

My Research Work

My research is at the heart of my professional journey. In this section, I share my research papers, articles, and studies focusing on machine learning algorithms, big data processing, and cybersecurity. These resources are invaluable for anyone interested in the academic and practical aspects of data science and AI.

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Notable Print Coverage

I have had the privilege of being featured in various prestigious print media. This section includes links to notable articles and interviews that provide deeper insights into my work and thoughts on topics like AI, big data, and digital ethics.

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Podcast Media Kit

Die Digitalisierung und Wir is a podcast where we explore the intricacies of digitalization, discussing its challenges and opportunities. Each episode features insightful discussions, expert interviews, and a deep dive into various aspects of technology and its societal implications.

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Official Microsoft Press Resources

Find a collection of high-resolution Microsoft logos for media use. These logos are provided under Microsoft’s brand guidelines and should be used accordingly.

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This media kit is designed to be a dynamic resource, regularly updated with the latest content and links. Whether you’re writing an article, preparing for a podcast, or researching for an academic project, you’ll find valuable and up-to-date information right here.

Thank you for your interest in my work, and I look forward to connecting with you!


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Alexander Loth Portrait

Alexander Loth presenting his book Decisively Digital (photo by Gerhard Müller)

Alexander Loth Speaking 2022

Alexander Loth